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  • Jamie at Home
  • Look and Cook by Rachael Ray

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hi all! I am starting this blog for all of you foodies! I have previously posted various dinner ideas on FB and received a huge response for recipes, meal ideas, etc. So, I decided to start blogging about what we have for dinner each night! Hope you enjoy it.

Tonight, I am making slow cooked turkey chili! YUM! And, to soak up all those yummy juices, some "cheater" tex mex biscuits! Here is a GREAT idea I learned from my favourite TV gal, Rach (Ray). Take some Bisquick biscuit mix, add enough milk to make a firm dough, and then, add spices such as in this case, cumin, cayenne, chili and paprika, salt and pepper, and then, shredded monteray jack cheese (or cheddar). How much? well, it depends on how much dough you have - just wing it, but, at least a 1/2 cup as you want to taste the cheese! Spray a cookie tin, and spoon out dough to form biscuits. Bake according to package directions! yum!!!! Serve with your favourite chili!

Have a great day everyone! and enjoy your biscuits!


  1. Hi Paula, nice start to your blog!

    I actually have two food blog addresses too, I just haven't had time to write in them yet!

    We both love to cook so this is naturally the best place to share recipes.

    I am starting to write a cookbook that I am dedicating to my Mom, so that ties in with the Meals Like Mom Made blog.

    Soon!! You've inspired me to get on it.
    Here's mine:


  2. Paula - I love this idea about the biscuits! Glenn LOVES LOVES LOVES spice so I am going to try this and throw some of his favourites!