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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Italian Pasta Salad

It is warm weather time! With the warm weather comes bar be cues and with those, come salads - lots of salads! So, here is a GREAT pasta salad recipe! AND, no measuring! So, take all the ingredients and put in as much or as little as you want - make it the way you like it!
Try it for your next bar be cue!


Small cut pasta (I like farfalle), cooked to al dente and cooled completely
Zucchini (lightly blanched), cut in bite size pieces
Sun dried tomatoes, diced
Red or yellow peppers, diced
Red onion, diced
Roasted red peppers, diced
Canned artichokes, cut into bite sized pieces
A bunch of fresh basil, julienned
Bocconcini (try the smaller bite sized ones)

Dressing: (3 parts oil to one part total acid)

Olive oil
Juice and rind of one lemon
Red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

That's it - pretty easy, huh? and you can toss it together days in advance!


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