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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Spiced up Mayo!

Today, let's talk mayo! I love mayo, but, plain old mayo is just plain old mayo! I like spicing up mayo and taking it from bland to yum!!! So, here are a few ideas on spicing up mayo and making it the star of the recipe instead of the lame old condiment!

These are all mixed in your food processor - use the small bowl if you have one. Place all the ingredients in the bowl, and "whir" it up!

Basil mayo - (my personal fave!)
 - 2 cups mayo
 - one handful of fresh basil
 - juice of half a lemon
 - salt and pepper

This mayo is great on a chicken burger, or on a grilled chicken breast. Also, great on fish.

Jalapeno chili mayo
 - 2 cups mayo
 - 2 tsp chili spice
 - 1/2 fresh jalapeno (or more if you like it really spicy)
 - juice of half a lime
 - salt

This mayo is great on a chicken burger, grilled chicken, fish, shrimp, and makes a great dipping sauce for red pepper strips!

Lemon mayo
- 2 cups mayo
- grated peel from one whole lemon
- juice of a lemon
- salt

This mayo is fantastic of grilled white fish, and a turkey sandwich! Add dill to this one and it makes a great topping for Salmon!

Spicy mayo
 - 2 Cups mayo
 - 1/8 cup of sriracha
 - juice of half a lemon

This mayo is bold and can stand up to beef, or pork, or even a salami sandwich.

These are just my faves, but experiment, and please share!!!!!

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