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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yesterday I posted a pork loin roast recipe, and promised everyone I would post a recipe for the left overs today, so, good morning everyone, and here is the recipe for fricciolini! Fricciolini is an Italian slang word used by my mom's family to describe these little balls of yummy-ness!

There is no measuring in this recipe - EASY!!!!

In a food processor put your left over meat.
Add any left over potatoes if you have any (if not, put a potato in the microwave and cook until very tender)
Add an egg or two depending on how much meat you have.
Add a huge hand full of parmesan cheese, grated.
Add a nice amount of parsley, and salt and pepper.

Once everything is in the food processor, whir it all together. The mixture will start to stick together. Once this happens, make little balls out of the mixture however big or small you like, and put on a cookie sheet. Flatten them out a little. You may put them in the fridge at this point to set up a little bit. Once you are ready to cook them, put some olive oil in a pan, and heat it up. Meanwhile get yourself a little bowl and put some flower in it, mixing it with salt and pepper. Run the fricciolini through the flower to just dust them, and place in the hot oil. Shallow fry them until golden brown on both sides!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!!!


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